In what events will athletes compete during the indoor season?

Athletes will have the opportunity to compete in the following events during each indoor track and field season...

55 Meter Dash

60 Meter Dash

55 Meter Hurdles

60 Meter Hurdles

200 Meter Dash (1 lap around the track)

400 Meter Dash (2 laps around the track)

600 Meter Dash (3 laps around the track)

800 Meter Dash (4 laps around the track)

1,000 Meter Run (5 Laps around the track)

1 Mile Run (just over 8 Laps around the track)

1500 Meter Run (7 3/4 laps around the track)

3,000 Meter Run (15 1/2 lap around the track)

3,200 Meter Run (16 laps around the track)

2 Mile Run (just over 16 laps around the track)


4 x 200 Meter Relay (Each athlete runs 1 lap around the track)

4 x 400 Meter Relay (Each athlete runs 2 laps around the track)

4 x 800 Meter Relay (Each athlete runs 4 laps around the track)

Field Events

Shot Put (1 Shot Put Ring)

Long Jump (2 Long/Triple Jump Pits)

Triple Jump (2 Long Jump/Triple Jump Pits)

High Jump (1 High Jump Pit)

Pole Vault (2 Pole Vault Pits)

Do I register as an "Unattached" athlete or compete for my club/high school team team during a season? What is the entry fee for individual unattached athletes?

All athletes will compete as individuals, unattached, or may be affiliated with a club team. Athletes will not register for a meet and represent their high school team unless a meet is sanctioned by the appropriate goeverning body. During the meets you may wear any uniform except your high school uniform unless a meet is sanctioned by or affiliate with the AIA. Any group of 4 to 6 individual athletes may also team up with athletes of your choice to form relays and compete. Name your relay team anything you want! LEAGUE REGISTRATION FEES League Registration is open to athlete at 7 and older. Athletes will register for Full Eight (8) to Ten (10) Meet Seasons. The Registration Entry Fee is $395 - to $495 Registration includes participation in 2 track or field events per meet and one (1) practice session during open track hours Mondays through Thursdays as posted. See membership page for additional benefits. During our first season, high school athletes may choose to compete in a shortened five (5) week season for a discounted registration entry fee. EDIT/TRANSFER REGISTRATION Unexpected things come up in life. There are no refunds. However, if you are unable to compete or discover a conflict with your chosen date, we will hold your entry fee for up to one year during which time you may transfer your entry fee to another individual, team, or another event. We understand life happens, so we will try our best to accommodate date and/or time transfers, whenever possible. For more information on how to change your registration. email us in our message center. Notice: Despite our best efforts, please note that our website may contain typographical errors or inaccuracies and may not always be complete or current. The RunRite Indoor Track and Field Center reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions at any time (including pricing), without notice. Please check the registration details for each meet or season to view the current applicable registration entry fees. DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST 500 ATHLETES REGISTERED FOR EACH SEASON

What is the event schedule for each meet?

The event schedule for each meet may vary depending upon the specific events being held. A typical event order is below and subject to change based upon meet entries and the events on the schedule. For Longer Distance Runners, some track meets will feature the 1 Mile Run , 1500 M Run or 1600 M Run as well as the 2 Mile Run, 3200 Meter Run or 3,000 Meter Run. Longer races and some relays will take place on Friday nights. Events 1 mile or shorter willl be typically held on Saturdays and Sundays. The event distance may alternate each week so as to allow athletes an opportunity to record marks in each event. In the state championship meet, participants will run the 1,500 meters. For meets held on Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fridays (non-holidays), the Field events will begin checkin at 4pm Races on the track will start at 5:00 pm (Some meets will offer competition heats or flights to begin at 3:00pm for those athletes who are out of school at the half day mark.) For meets held on Saturdays or Sundays, field events will begin at 6 am. Running Events may begin on the Track at 8:00 am. (Doors to the facility will open at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled first event start time.) SAMPLE EVENT SCHEDULE ORDER 4 X 800 Meter Relays

4x200 Meter Relays

2 Mile (Girls)

60 Meter Hurdles

2 Mile (Boys)

60 Meter Dash

400 Meter Dash

1 Mile (Section 1)

60 Meter Dash finals

60 Meter Hurdles finals

800 Meter Dash (Section 1)

200 Meter Dash

1 Mile (Section 2)

800 Meter Dash (Section 2)

4x400 Meter Relays

We will do our best to appropriately separate all races and events to accommodate athletes competing in or running multiple events. Each athlete's exact start time will be posted under the Event Day tab a few days prior to the events date.

When does each participant or relay team show up to check in for their event or the meet?

We suggest each individual athlete or registered relay teams arrive at least two hours before the scheduled start time of the first event in which the athlete or relay team is scheuduled to compete. This will give each athlete or team plenty of time to park or drop off participants, checkin for the meet, drop your stuff or set up team camp, take a potty break, and get warmed up.
Each individual or team must be present and ready to check in with the starter or field event official by last call and no later than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled event start time!

What is the RunRite Indoor Track and Field Center?

The RunRite Indoor Track and Field Center was created to fill the void between the end of high school cross country and the outdoor track and field season. This center will provide athletes and team with an opportunity to catch up to athletes around the country who already have an indoor season or benefit from year round training programs. The facility also gives Arizona's athletes a chance to continue competing after their high school outdoor season with indoor competitions held each week throughout the hot summer months in the desert.

I am a high school coach may I enter and coach my team?

Our indoor meets are for individual or cub athletes. Our meets (unless indicated) are not recognized as events sponsored by the AIA, USA Track and Field, or other organizations. If you are the coach of an athlete or caoch of a team of athletes, please contact us so we can discuss a coaching pass to allow you in to coach your athletes during meets. Your athletes will enter as individuals and may be assigned a code unique to your team in order to identify their affiliate with you. If you are a high school coach, we invite you and your athletes to participate as a club team registered with our league or affiliated with USA Track and Field or AAU track.

How many athletes will compete in each meet or season?

The number or registration spots will vary by meet or season. The number of particpants will range from 60 openings in some events up to 148 in others per age group. In some cases, due to being combined with collegiate or professional meets, we reserve the right to reduce the number of participant openings available in some events based upon registration levels. Example: If we open 60 spots in the 1500 meters and only 30 athlete register, we may increase the number in spots for other events. A limited number of registrations will be available in each event and age group or division. Athletes will be entered on a first come, first entered based. We suggest you make your commitment early. You may be added to a wait list if an event is full.